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Chevrolet Aveo 4 door Information & Support

You may already know that Chevrolet will be ceasing its new car sales operation in Europe soon. But our Chevrolet Authorised Repairers will remain to support all our customers with vehicle servicing and maintenance. Additionally – backed by Opel, our GM partner brand in Europe – we can still help you find the vehicle you’re looking for.
Whatever it is you need, scan the headings below to find it.

Questions about your Chevrolet?


myChevrolet - the Chevrolet owner portal

Why not use the myChevrolet service?

It makes the job of looking after your car so much easier, with service reminders, helpful information, dealer information and a whole lot more. It’s a service that is relevant to you and your car and it’s quick and easy to register.

Authorised Repairers

Even though Chevrolet is ceasing new cars sales in Europe, we are still there to service and repair your car in the future through our network of authorised repairers. They will continue to provide service and supply Chevrolet original parts for Chevrolet vehicles in the same manner as today. About 2,000 Chevrolet service points will continue to operate in Western and Central Europe to provide you with the service. In EM there are authorised repairers available to serve you. You can find their addresses here.

Vehicle Warranty and Spare Parts

Vehicle Warranty

Peace of mind

Chevrolet wants you to enjoy hassle-free motoring. From actually buying one of our cars to servicing it under warranty, we want the whole process to be straightforward and convenient - with no hidden costs and great value for money.

Our cars are thoroughly reliable but, if they do go wrong, there’ll be no quibbling.
On top Chevrolet offers you Genuinet parts that are:

  • Precision engineered to seamlessly and safely fit your Chevrolet or Daewoo
  • Covered by a two-year warranty, giving you total peace of mind
  • Your best-value option – keep the paperwork for your original Chevrolet parts and these could even help you get a better resale price

Looking to buy a new Aveo 4 door?

Unfortunately that is no longer possible. Our dealers in [country] have sold the last of our stocks of this great-looking 4-door sedan. The good news, though, is that Opel offers an extensive range of high quality, great-looking vehicles, equipped with great technology and features.

View the whole See All Opel Vehicles and find the one that’s right for you.

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